Pet Services

Dedicated to the care of small animals
Located in Marshall, MO, serving pet owners near and far

Reliable Veterinary Services

Services For Your Pets

•  Preventive care
•  Treatment of diseases
•  Surgery
•  Dental care

Emergency Surgeries For Your Pets

Blumhorst Veterinary Hospital gives utmost priority to the emergency surgeries. We provide surgeries like spay, neuter, and more, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call 660-886-5536 to schedule an appointment in advance for these surgeries. 


•  It is essential for us to maintain an explicit record of the details for future reference.
•  You're requested to keep your pet confined or in leash to avoid any kind of inconvenience to others.
•  If you regularly pick up medication for your pet, you're requested to give us a call prior to visiting us so that you don't have to waste your time waiting. We'll keep it ready for you beforehand.
•  You're kindly requested to schedule an appointment in advance before bringing your pet to us.
•  In case of an appointment cancellation, kindly inform us as early as possible.

Boarding Policies For Your Pets

We provide boarding services for your pets for your convenience to ensure that they are safe and sound in your absence. The policies for boarding are:

•  Your pet will be released during office hours only. However, your doctor or the staff can choose to release your pets during times other than the regular office hours.
•  Releasing your pet on a Sunday or holiday requires special planning.
•  It is mandatory for your dog to have all appropriate vaccinations while boarding.
Call 660-886-5536 to schedule
an appointment
for emergency
pet surgeries.
We offer same day appointments for emergency care of your pets. 

You can contact us anytime on our emergency contact number to discuss your pet's health issues.
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